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We provide affordable online interventions for stress-related problems, alcoholism, psychiatric diseases and mental health issues. 

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Dr. Anubhav Bhushan Dua, Mental & Behavioral Sciences, Consultant Psychiatrist

Acknowledging this requirement, DuaNeuroCare established a Mental Health online platform, designed to provide psychiatry counseling and therapy in combination with drug treatments and counseling. Workplace stress has become common for all adults with competitive life and ideologies. If you or someone around who is dealing with the effects of mental health disorders, it can be really difficult to find how to cope up with daily life or know what to do next. Understanding and taking the best treatment for mental illness is one of the pre-eminent ways to start.

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Best Psychiatrist in Ghaziabad

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Best Psychiatrist in Ghaziabad

Popular Question

We have answers to common questions people ask
  1. Stay positive
  2. Remember, 97% recover (there are many who have put up their stories on the net)
  3. Listen and follow the instructions given by authentic sources. ( Doctors, govt, health care workers)
  4. If you have self-quarantined follow a routine at home, do not spend time lying down on the bed watching tv. Try to be as active as possible at home.
  5. Stay in contact with the world digitally
  6. Look at what you can achieve by being at home. Enjoy it
  7. Remember, you are not the only one going through the crisis, the whole world is. You are not alone
  8. If you are feeling overwhelmed, seek help from mental health care professionals. Many are available online.
  9. Keep in touch with extended family members digitally
  10. Humour is a good way to handle the crisis. Watch movies which can make you laugh and read books if you are an avid reader.
  11. Do not watch information which causes you anxiety. Avoid 24×7 watching and discussing Covid (twice a day information from reliable sources should be enough)
  12. Check the well being of near and dear ones digitally
  13. Do not drink alcohol or smoke tobacco as a coping strategy, it only worsens the situations
  14. Do not stigmatise people who have contacted the virus be supportive.
  15. Bravado does not help, follow instructions given from authentic sources.
  16. Do not focus on the number of cases, focus on what you should do to keep safe.
  17. People over 60 years and people with comorbidities to be very cautious. Take precautions and be positive.

A psychiatrist treats various psychological problems like anxiety disorders, depression, phobias, panic disorders, anger issues, alcohol and tobacco dependence, academic issues and various other issues. In fact majority of the problems treated by psychiatrists the patient is in complete control of himself/herself and are holding successful and responsible jobs. The common stereotypical psychiatry patient depicted in movies and in the media form only a very minute percentage of patients seen by psychiatrists. You can consult a psychiatrist for even minor issues which might be troubling you and get suitable advice.

In India other specialty doctors give medications for psychological problems but please remember that the exposure for psychiatry in MBBS and post graduation is very inadequate in India often the exposure is only 1-2 months during their whole period of specialization. A psychiatrist has a minimum of 2-5 yrs training experience in handling psychological problems before he independently address the patient problems.

If you have a problem with your electrical issues you do not consult a plumber.

There are many kinds of therapies like brief dynamic therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, marital therapy etc. All therapies are good when used by trained therapists.

Remember for therapies to work the patient must be willing to work through the process and follow the instructions given by the therapist.

First, understand that the field of psychology is incredibly broad and diverse. There are many areas of specialization; a forensic psychologist, for instance, performs very different tasks than, say, a clinical psychologist. In general, psychologists seek to understand the human mind and its manifestations in terms of behavior, emotions, relationships, etc.

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